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ICRG Webinar: Can Motivational Messages Engage Individuals At-risk for Gambling Disorder in an Online Assessment?
Although the majority of individuals who gamble do not experience significant gambling-related harm, to varying degrees, a significant portion do. Understanding best practices for how to increase utilization of helping resources is an important step in developing effective harm-reduction strategies. This presentation will focus on translating the psychological science around motivation into practical strategies for how to increase the likelihood that individuals at risk for experiencing gambling-related will avail themselves of helping resources. Relevant prior research, a recently published ICRG-funded experiment, and implications for the future of gambling-harm prevention will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:
1. To understand how motivation and motivational enhancement are relevant in the context of preventing problematic gambling.
2. To learn strategies for increasing motivation to engage in gambling-related helping services, whether this be in the context of preventing or addressing problematic levels of gambling behavior.

Dr. Samuel C. Peter, Ph.D
Postdoctoral Psychology Fellow
Durham VA


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