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ICRG Webinar: Exploring Responsible Gambling Options for Harm Minimization in the Field of Online Lottery
This session will cover the first phase of a research project exploring responsible gambling options for harm minimization in the field of online lottery. Through reviews of peer-reviewed literature and key lottery jurisdictions from around the world, a synthesis of evidence-informed options and industry adoption was produced.

Dr. Price’s research was supported by a collaboration between the ICRG and the Hoosier Lottery.

Learning Objectives:
• To understand the strengths and gaps in research evidence supporting best-, better- and promising practices in the area of responsible gambling relevant to online lottery
• To understand what responsible gambling practices are most and least adopted
• To understand where responsible gambling practices are concentrated
• To recognize the potential implications of findings for future research and practice

Dr. Alex Price
Senior Researcher, Centre for the Advancement of Best Practices
Responsible Gaming Council


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