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ICRG Webinar: Loss Chasing in Gambling Disorder - Clinical, Behavioral, and Data Science Perspectives
Loss chasing is a diagnostic item for Gambling Disorder and is present in many screening instruments for problem gambling. It is often discussed as a defining feature for differentiating disordered gambling from recreational gambling. But loss chasing can also be expressed in many ways, both within and between gambling episodes, and this creates an obstacle for understanding the ‘centrality’ of loss chasing. This talk will summarize three lines of research characterizing loss chasing on laboratory tasks, in authentic slot machines, and in online behavioral tracking data, in order to better establish the psychological underpinnings of this symptom.

Learning objectives:
1. To understand current research on the clinical status of loss chasing as a key feature of disordered gambling
2. To consider how loss chasing can be expressed behaviorally in a number of different ways, both within and between sessions.
3. To understand the importance of loss chasing as one of the few features of disordered gambling that can be detected in behavioral tracking data.


Luke Clark, PhD
University of British Columbia


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